Transparency and Tracking
Riva Petroleum is committed to increase transparency between systems, as well as obtain better tracking to integrate systems from manufacturer through to the consumer while obtaining customer requests and consequent sales information.

Global data synchronization
Due to radio frequency identification/electronic product coding, the entire supply chain has become more intelligent. Our Retail department is enabled to use real-time data to watch inventory levels. In addition, radio frequency identification tagging positions the company to be able to safeguard its shipments by allowing products to be tracked from manufacturer through the entire supply chain. This helps us deliver on time and efficiency.

PCI Security Compliance
PCI Security Compliance is a must at Riva Petroleum. Here, we address our internal security setup and practices, in order to mitigate payment security risks. In any case, every business engaged in credit card payment processing is required to comply with PCI Security Standards. This ensures that our retail section collects or stores credit card information that is uncompromised, and that may ultimately lead to the ability to accept credit card payments. Our team works closely with stakeholders to build trust and understand their goals, motivations, constraints, risks, and operating environment. This coupled with market Intelligence Reports - assess and report trends in the local Retail environment (competitive, legislative, local buying behavior, infrastructure and other developments) using internal and external intelligence, local market research, intelligent guesswork, makes sure we are ready for our current and future business.

Trade Surveys
We conduct market and competitor analysis, including determination of RIVA’s retail position in relation to competitors on costs, quality, service, market position, structural strengths and weaknesses. This helps us in forecasting!

Marketing Planning
Our provided inputs from the field are used for the development of retail marketing plans to achieve retail marketing objectives that integrate network development and management, brand product/service development, and HSSE;

We manage the implementation of the Retail Customer Value Proposition on a zone level as specified by Retail marketing plans, as well as the implementation of site business plans, including retail operating standards, policies, and programs to maximize commercial results